M!A: Worse Day Ever ( Open Rp)

M!A: you’re wearing a maid outfit for 24 hours. no panties or underwear of any kind, and the skirt just so happens to be extremely short. and now there’s a monster in your room and you have to run across the kingdom and—whoops, looks like all your subjects have taken a peek.


The prince gasped for breath as he ran, his cheeks red from lack of breath and embarrassment. How the glob did this happen!?! He was simply in his room reading when poof- he was in a maids outfit that was short, no undergarments what so ever, and a giant monster appeared, chasing him out of his room and onto the streets. That wasn’t even the worst part! The dress was so short, it flapped up in the back and revealed his bare backside!

Holy glob, he could die from embarrassment as he quickly passed his subjects… Or the monster chasing him. Trying to multitask, he ran out of the kingdom as he held down the front of the skirt. Gumball dodged trees, putting a distance between him and the beast. When he thought he had enough space, he took a chance and climbed a tree, dispite his inappropriate clothing.

Straddling a branch high up, the pink male covered his mouth and stopped breathing as the beast ran past, disappearing into the Cotton Candy Forest. The footsteps of the monster became farther and farther from hearing and he let out a shaky sigh, leaning back against the tree as he relaxed, hands still tugging on the bottom skirt.

How could this get any worse?